As a Backflow Testing Service Provider,

We Promise You:

  • 100% customer satisfaction!
  • We test and repair all Backflow Prevention Assemblies!
  • We manage all your records with the local government!

Why do you need backflow services?

Not only is required In the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act and Texas Plumbing Code. Backflow Preventers protect your drinking water. Backflow Preventers should be tested upon installation and annually.

Why should you choose us for backflow testing?

We offer Superior Customer Service, Troubleshooting Knowledge and Competitive Prices. We proudly serve Austin, Lakeway, Round Rock, and the surrounding communities.

Licensed & Insured for your protection

We are insured and comply with all OSHA regulations. All of our Backflow Testers are licensed by the States of Texas and attend continuing education on a yearly basis.

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Austin Backflow Prevention and Testing Specialist

Smart Earth, Inc. provides backflow testing and superior customer service to the Austin area at a competitive price. Smart Earth Backflow test and repair all approved backflow assemblies of any size. We install and repair backflow preventers on commercial and residential irrigation systems. Our #1 goal is to create safe drinking water and build lasting customer relationships by providing excellent service with value, integrity and quality workmanship. BPAT

Is Your Backflow device protected?

Austin, Round Rock and Cedar Park are not exactly known for bitterly cold weather. However, we do still have a few nights below freezing. We want to make sure your Backflow Device is ready. There are several types of backflow devices; however, all backflow devices have one common goal, to protect the water supply from … Read more

Spring is Here

Did you know that by attaching a liquid lawn fertilizer to your water hose you are creating a potential backflow hazard? Austin requires residents to install a hose-bib vacuum breaker for outside faucets. When backflow occurs, this safety breaker closes preventing contaminated water from entering the drinking water. If you are a new homeowner these … Read more

Sprinkler Systems & Backflow Testing

Sprinkler backflow testing a necessity? Yep that’s right. Sprinkler systems are consider a health hazard and do require the proper backflow protection and testing. Most of us apply fertilizer and pesticides to our lawns and without the proper backflow creates a hazard. Sprinkler heads and pipes are the low spot in your yard. Once the … Read more

Keeping Pools & Spas Safe

Many of the same chemicals used to keep pools and spas sanitary can also be harmful to drinking water. Therefore, a pool or spa with a direct piping connection to the water system must have proper backflow protection. If you are using a garden hose to fill your pool you should always make sure that … Read more