Is Your Backflow device protected?

Austin, Round Rock and Cedar Park are not exactly known for bitterly cold weather. However, we do still have a few nights below freezing. We want to make sure your Backflow Device is ready.

There are several types of backflow devices; however, all backflow devices have one common goal, to protect the water supply from contamination. Backflow devices need to be properly maintained and cold weather is our worst enemy. Winter can really wreak havoc on your backflow system.  The cold weather and freezing temperature can cause trapped water to expand and damage the backflow device.

If your backflow device is above ground and exposed to the elements you need to take extra precautions to protect the device. One solution is to drain an unprotected backflow device. Draining the backflow removes water from the inside of the device eliminating the possibility of freeze. The downside to draining a backflow device is you will not be able to continue using the system during a freeze.    Our best recommendation is insulation. If the backflow device is properly insulated, continued use of the system is possible without the cold damaging the backflow. First wrap the device in foam pipe wrap, then wrap in a heavy rubber tape to protect the insulation. Lastly cover the backflow device with an insulated bag. Following these simple steps should ensure your backflow device is protected. If you need any assistance, please give us a call.