Is Your Backflow device protected?

Austin, Round Rock and Cedar Park are not exactly known for bitterly cold weather. However, we do still have a few nights below freezing. We want to make sure your Backflow Device is ready. There are several types of backflow devices; however, all backflow devices have one common goal, to protect the water supply from … Read more

Spring is Here

Did you know that by attaching a liquid lawn fertilizer to your water hose you are creating a potential backflow hazard? Austin requires residents to install a hose-bib vacuum breaker for outside faucets. When backflow occurs, this safety breaker closes preventing contaminated water from entering the drinking water. If you are a new homeowner these … Read more

Keeping Pools & Spas Safe

Many of the same chemicals used to keep pools and spas sanitary can also be harmful to drinking water. Therefore, a pool or spa with a direct piping connection to the water system must have proper backflow protection. If you are using a garden hose to fill your pool you should always make sure that … Read more

Welcome To Our Blog

Welcome to the blog of Smart Earth Backflow Testing. Check back soon for more posts regarding the industry